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Hello and Nice to Meet You!

My name is Eric. I am a Staff Test Engineer, Engineering Leader, Parent, Partner, Writer, Gamer, Political Junkie, and Philosopher. I love science fiction, good food and drink, travel, music, comedy, and the NBA. 

I am best known in my field (Software Testing) as the former President of the Association for Software Testing, the Lead Organizer of the Workshop on Performance and Reliability, and as a conference speaker. Most of that activity has been in the subspecialty of Performance Testing, though I am more of a software generalist these days.

I like to think, talk, talk about thinking, and think about talking. We inhabit a complex world that barely works, while understanding so little about how or why it works or doesn't work. I started thinking this way as long ago as I can remember, but my job requires skepticism to be good at it. 

The world is an amazing place full of amazing things. We refute entropy by our nature, putting us in conflict with the rest of the universe. That's pretty cool.

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